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Green UX Design Thinking Associates

Beyond Software Products, Systems and Service of Today, Designing Tomorrow Green UX and Sustainability Ecosystems...

Green UX Design Thinking Associate is design firm founded by an International pool of IT and environmental researchers, UX and design thinking consultants and startups, having different expertise, perceptions and visions of the sustainability challenges we, humans and citizens, are facing such as climate change, sea pollution, deforestation, etc. All our partners are individually engaged citizens and activists in sustainability development in small place on the earth, beyond being innovators, technologists and designers creating software-intensive products, systems and services for sustainability and contributors to the wider green technology movement.

We have assembled a wide network of partners from different design schools that combines a strong understanding of the sustainability by design principles and strategies, master the patterns of our impacts of the environment and have a wide record in building successful green solutions and technology.

We specialize in and have a global presence in innovative technology, such as IoT, cyber physical systems and human-data interaction and data-intensive services for smart living spaces (smart cities, houses, work offices) and for smart factories (industry 4.0).  Services, products and service we design are helping many communities of citizens and businesses to reduce their daily impacts on the environment, decrease drastically natural resources consumption while helping every citizen to recycle, eliminate waste and adopt a more green user experience. 

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