Dr. Ahmed Seffah

Designing usable, yet secure and sustainable software products, systems and services

This site will provide information on industry consultancy services, projects, publications, books, courses in an academic setting, industry tutorials and keynote talks on Human-Centered Software Engineering (HCSE), Human computer Interaction and their applications for Cyber Physical Systems.

I coined the term HCSE to refer to the human experiences and factors that quantify the quality of software products, systems and services from a human perspective. Human factors include usability, learnability, privacy, accessibility, adoption, acceptability, safety, and human sustainability. Our expertise include also work the trade-offs and conflicts between these human factors nd the other quality attributes such as security.

My academic research is at the crossroads of Software Engineering, Human Data Interaction (HDI) and Design Sciences. Current interests include the HCI/human data interaction in cyber physical systems (CPS) design, architectural patterns and HCI/HDI patterns for the seamless integration between digital twin and physical objects. I’m also investigating the applications of CPS for sustainability development including the practices of sustainability innovation by design and the design of CPS that engage citizens in sustainability challenges.

The fundamental objective undying all my research projects is the development and validation of a unifying human-centric design theory that I called “The Design is Right and The Right Design: How to Measure and Theorize Right”. My work is grounded in theories of design and the seminal work of Hebert Simon and other theorists such as Hatchuel, A; B. Weil who developed the C-K design theory or concept-knowledge theory. CK is both a design theory and a theory of reasoning in design.

When I have time and I always have, I’m a humanitarian designer (Designing everyday things that can reduce suffering and inequality while creating peace, health, and happiness for every citizen of the World). My other hobbies include writing poems that I never published, designing lamps that I never put on the art market (just offering them to friends), as well as talking and writing about the Oriental Jazz that I see as a bridge over the gaps between the Western and Oriental Worlds, another way to view humanitarian design.